Why Effective File Management is Important For Your Business


File management refers to a cloud-based software service that allows easy storage, creation, and management of your documents and files from a single point of contact.

It is a filling system that works in the cloud allowing you to store all of your businesses documents and files and also retrieve them at any time when you need them and from anywhere in the world.

In this piece, we will show you the benefits of file management systems and also a list of suggested file management tools you can use.


Benefits of using file management systems


1. It brings together all important documents in one place

People can save documents across different devices like their phones, laptops, tablets, emails, and flash drives. However, with file management systems, all these files can be put together in one place for easy access.

So, when next someone needs a file, they do not have to waste so much time looking for where to find the files. Instead, they just proceed to where the files should be, pick the file of their choice, and move on.

2. It reduces chances of rework

Many times, employees find themselves having to do tasks over again because they cannot find the files where they initially saved them. Sometimes, it might just take a few minutes to recreate these missing files and in some cases, the lost files might take hours and some files can be difficult to recreate.

However, when you make use of file management systems and cloud technology, your files are safe such that your employees do not have to start all over again when they need the files.

3. File management systems support communication

Most file management solutions come with communication tools that allow you to see conversations as they relate to a particular work. Besides, you can always use the conversation history later on as a reference guide.

4. You have control over information access

If your files are spread across different locations, it can be hard to control who has access to them. But when you keep them together in one place, you can decide at every point who has access to your documents.

Depending on the system you use, you can grant access based on roles in your organization or you can grant access on an individual basis.

5. It helps you keep your document versions

Sometimes it can be disappointing to find out that the file you are working on is not the latest version. That only happens when your company does not implement file management systems. When your files are in one place, people can collaborate on the files and have real-time updates on corrections and the new versions of the work. The system automatically updates the version so everyone has the same thing on their ends.

Best File Management Software That Your Business Needs


The following are some of the best file management software to use for your business:

Google Drive

This is a simple file management system from Google. Its simplicity makes it easy to use but makes it less powerful compared to other tools on the list. The collaborative platform is free to use and allows you to store your documents and files with a single click.

While the platform is easy and straightforward, it might not have what it takes to be scalable for large businesses. It comes with dedicated apps for Android and iOS so you can access your files everywhere.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft’s Share point is a flexible platform that can help you organize and manage your documents. You can use the software to collaborate during the editing and creation of documents. The system is also very beneficial because it is scalable and is very suitable for companies that already use most Microsoft products.

The only issue with this tool is, it would require a little training to get your team familiar with the system.

One drive

This is a simple file management and synchronisation system from Microsoft. One drive comes in handy for people and businesses who need to have their files in one place for easy access.  It has a versioning feature that makes it different from just any other online filling tool.

With one drive, one has access to a range of features except publishing. That means, you can share files via email but you can not publish documents to a web page directly from one drive.


This is a cloud-based file management system that offers file synchronisation. Drop Box allows you to create files and share them to collaborators with links without having to send large file attachments. It is simple to use, intuitive, and allows you to see your version history as you edit your files.

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