How a Virtual Assistant can help you GROW your business

How a Virtual Assistant can help you GROW your business
People are increasingly starting their own businesses due to the enticement of being their own boss’s, setting their own hours and being free from the daily grind of nine to five employment. On one hand it’s very rewarding, but on the other hand it can become quite daunting, as budding entrepreneurs start to struggle with the growth of their businesses.

So, here are some ways a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can help you!

Help without worry

It’s a big step to recognize when you need help to manage your workload, particularly when you’ve been a sole trader for quite some time and to take on a new employee can be time consuming and expensive. But this is actually a GOOD THING! You WANT to be busy. This is where hiring a Virtual assistant is the ideal solution to both yourself and your business. This will save you time and best of all NO OVERHEADS!

Working remotely, your V.A can handle numerous tasks that will lighten your workload and free up more time for you to spend on MAKING MONEY through your business.

Goodbye admin!

Administration is a necessary part of any business, but that doesn’t mean you like doing it. Running a successful business is almost impossible if administration is neglected, however admin tasks are extremely time consuming and that time can be better spent on other things, like …..MAKING MONEY!!! As a small business owner, you spend on average around 17% of your work hours just on Admin!

By outsourcing administration tasks to a V.A, such as Accounts Receivable/Payable, Bookkeeping, Data Entry and email management, you will be able to reclaim that extra time and devote that time to the more important process of GROWING YOUR BUSINESS! You will then be able to complete tasks that will increase your market, expand your product lines or services and identify new opportunities for your business.

Streamline your systems

With today’s access to advanced technology, you’d be surprised at how many businesses don’t utilise many programs that are available to streamline business operations. These programs make businesses run more efficiently and effectively by employing faster or simpler working methods which will further increase your productivity.

Hiring a V.A is an excellent way to modernize your business and bring it into the 21st century. Your V.A can implement and manage automated systems that will help your business run smoother with tasks such as invoicing, accounts and mailing lists. Depending on the type of business you have, your V.A can also recommend industry-specific systems that you will benefit from.

It’s your choice

Unlike regular employees, V. A’s are hired either on an hour-hour or month-month basis. This saves you THOUSANDS of work hours and money. You can increase or decrease the number of hours you need them for and even change the tasks that your business needs help with.

IT’S YOUR CHOICE! This is one of the BEST things about hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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